Lego Batman Movie Review



Batman  lives alone and does it well (lobster!). He beats up bad-guys and consults with Alfred, his butler, when he wants another human opinion. His computer is his only other companion. This leads to connections with an orphan, the new police commissioner, and a few other surprising beings.


Quips and clever quibbles with his pals are the most notable moments in The Lego Batman Movie. The visuals were as stunning as The Lego Movie, but felt even more busy as cool action sequence after cool action sequence unfolds. Witticisms, visuals, and references to previous Batmans were the pulse of this movie. The plot was simple to the point of being almost unnoticeable at times. Also, as the last act of the movie reached its climax, it felt as though someone had been repeatedly shouting “Family! Family! Family!” in the theater. This slight jaunt into making its values known should not decrease a family’s enjoyment of this fun film.


PG. Many action sequences. Lego lower half nudity.


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